Allergen Warning
Certain products made on the premise of Chic Sugars may contain, without limitation, eggs, nuts, and milk, and our facilities are not allergen-free.  While we use reasonable efforts to avoid cross-contamination, we are not responsible for an individual’s allergic reaction to our products, facilities, or ingredients used in our products. 

We do have/use products containing dairy, eggs and peanuts.

We store our peanuts, dairy and eggs in sealed containers in different areas.
  • Our peanuts and peanut butter are purchased in single use, disposable containers.
  • The utensils used are cleaned and sanitized with paper towels and kept with the peanuts and away from all other areas.
  • Peanuts, and the resulting frostings are kept on a separate tray, on the bottom shelf
  • We never use cloth towels with peanuts, always disposable.
  • After cleaning with sanitizer, the sanitizer bottle itself is also sanitized to prevent any possible cross- contamination.
  • All cupcakes with peanuts are kept in separate containers.

Eggs: As with the dairy, we bake the products without the eggs before we bake the products with the eggs.  We bake the Vegan sweet breads and cakes on a different day than we bake the non-Vegan. We clean thoroughly and explicitly all around the area and all smallwares used in production, even cleaning the spray bottles of oil and sanitizer, and any other surfaces like the door handles on the refrigerator after using the eggs. We change our cleaning cloths after using eggs.

Cleaning/Sanitizing/Anti-Cross-Contamination Procedures:
  • We are constantly washing our hands. Before, during and after producing or touching different products.
  • We use a paper towel to turn the water on and off to prevent cross-contamination from occurring at the sink.
  • We thoroughly clean and sanitize ALL areas and equipment between ALL products.
  • We even sanitize the oil-spray bottles and the sanitizer bottles and the glides on the plastic wrap that we use to wrap all of our items.
  • We change our cleaning cloths after each product. All cleaning cloths are rinsed, then washed/rinsed in two separate and complete wash cycles on an extra-long cycle with the hottest water possible.
  • We change our dish water between our varying products. We pay critical attention to the pre-rinsing, washing and sanitizing of each item.