Erika’s love of baking was not a traditional path.  But then again, Erika rarely does anything the conventional way.  She did not grow up baking nor did she learn it from her mother or grandmother; she put her mind to it and made it happen. Upon her oldest daughter’s first birthday, she wanted to celebrate by creating a showstopper of a cake, but the price for elaborate and spectacular cake creations were out of her price range. As a fan of the television show Cake Boss, she set her sights on a cake of that magnitude and made it a goal to create one herself. Erika had never even made a cake from a box, let alone a custom cake. While her ambition and ability did not match at that time, it sparked a challenge within her, and she was determined to tackle this goal. Tirelessly, she tried over and over again until she sought out making a cake not only at the same level but excelling at it. 

Erika Oldham was born and raised in the New York/New Jersey metropolitan area. She started her college career at Babson, which is where she first got a taste of the entrepreneurial bug due to the college’s strong focus on fundamental business skills to cultivate a strong mindset. She left Babson early on to search for her life path.  During this time, she was homeless – living in her car. Eventually, she finished her undergraduate college career at Charleston Southern University where she was able to gain stability and live with her grandparents. While attending school, she learned and loved the southern cooking style of her grandmother. After returning to the NY metro area from completing her studies, she decided to become a social worker to champion for social justice and improve lives and communities of the underprivileged.
The impact of her career as a social worker propelled her to follow in her Mother’s footsteps and attend law school at New York Law School during the fall of 2006. Her goal was to be an advocate for the disadvantaged, but she found that the academic and social experience in law school didn't satisfy her. During that time, Erika realized that working a traditional 9-to-5 schedule did not fulfill her desires, and her entrepreneurial spirit had begun to simmer inside.

Erika had a desire to carve out her own space in the world, do things on her own terms, and without limits. With the entrepreneurial spirit growing within her, she started Chic Sugars in 2009 after her first epic fail birthday cake creation.  Life struggles and defeats combined with persistence, drive and a sense of perfectionism proved to be the perfect recipe for Erika to hone her skills over the years. She not only bakes goods that are delicious and exceptionally visually appealing, but she never forgot to extend an olive branch with giving back to the community. To show her gratitude, she wanted to help homeless families create something special for their children. With that, Erika partnered with The Birthday Project, a nonprofit organization to provide customized cakes for children at a local homeless shelter every month.
Now, Erika is doing what she loves and enjoys sharing her passion with the world. That passion and her highly recognizable cakes led Erika to appear as a contestant on The Food Network’s Winner Cake All (season 1, episode 10.) To continue to bring her dream to life, Chic Sugars opened a boutique bakery in Fort Lee, NJ showcasing their fresh cupcakes, macaroons, edible cookie dough, cake jars, small birthday cakes, and of course, their amazing custom cakes. 

Today, Erika continues to make her customers and their guests delighted with her creative designs, delicious edible baked goods and white glove service.